Hair Fall Treatment with

3 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Hair fall is a common disease in world market. Many people suffer from it for years without a remedy. There are many reasons for hair fall namely, scalp fungal infection which is caused by dry or oily dandruff, pollution, iron in water, chlorine water, and even Acidity in stomach.

Another important cause of hair fall is the poor quality of lots of hair maintenance products. Now Rangoli Ayurved solves these problems, with 20 years of research and 100% success. 

 Control Hair Fall in 3 Days

Cures Oily and Dry Dandruff over time

Regrowth of Hair 

 Grow your hair as long as you want

 Stop split ends in hair

Say goodbye to bad hair days forever!

Rangoli Ayurved Industries, Kolkata, West Bengal. Serving India since 1990. 

Cities we Serve

Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Indore, Noida, Agra, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Gurugram, Kanpur, Patna, Raipur, Ranchi, Varanasi, Bhopal, Jodhpur, Thiruvantham, Mysore, Shimla, Vadodara, Ludhiana, Madurai, Nashik, Rajkot, Tiruchirappali, Amritsar, Faridabad, Mangalore, Thane, Jamshedpur, Navi Mumbai, Ghaziabad, Kozhikode, Guwahati, Dehradun, Haridwar, Aurangabad, Udaipur, Gandhinagar, Coimbatore

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we stop hair fall naturally?

Avoid to form acidity and keep your stomach clear always. Maintain a healthy diet and nutritious lifestyle. Also, avoid using sub-standard hair oil and shampoo and conditioner.

What are good foods to add in our diet during my hair fall treatment?

Any kind of easy digestible food can be had during your arthritis treatment. Avoid rich, unhygenic, fast food and sour food.

How much hair loss is normal in a day?

15-20 hair strands can normally fall in a day. (Subject to regrowth of those hairs)

What is your 3 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy?

If your hairfall is not checked after following our Hair Fall treatment, you can reach out to us via our Help-line number and we will facilitate to have you refunded at the earliest, however we are 100% sure that will not be required.

Is it important to have a Private Support Agent for my Hairfall Problem?

Though it is not mandatory to get a Private Support Agent, but we have noticed that all our clients who get a Private Support Agent for their Hair Fall problem show visible signs of improvement way faster than those who decide to do without them. The benefits of having  a PSA far outweigh the costs, and it also helps us get real time information about how you are progressing with your treatment of Hair Fall. A PSA is available on demand.

Will I need any other Hair Product along with your Hair Fall Treatment?

No. You cant use any other hair care products during your Hair Fall Treatment.

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Are you ready to reverse your Hair Loss, get back your head full of hair and look beautiful and confident all over again? – and keep it like that for the rest of your life!

Our Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment program is designed for real men and women who have busy lives and are looking for a permanent solution to their Hair Fall Problem.

At Rangoli Ayurved, we provide a completely ayurvedic treatment for Hair Fall that has no side-effects and doesnot requre any clinical tests or treatments. We treat the root cause of your Hair Fall problem and help you get back the hair that you have lost in the last five to six months.

With our hair fall treatment , you’ll see speedy results that last without spending thousands of rupees in Hair Regrowth programs or pricey visits to hair clinics.

Here’s What You’re About to Discover …

  • How you can keep your scalp healthy and get long, strong and silky hair permanently…
  • Eliminate the root cause of hairfall and prevent it from happening ever again in future..
  • Save thousands of rupees you would otherwise spend on prescription medicines, procedures and “miracle” cures..
  • Look confident, and get back your beautiful hair again..
… and so much more if you keep reading.

The Best Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment Used By Thousands of Men and Women in India

You will never come across a more efficient hairfall treatment program that is actually backed by a money back guarantee – Stop your hairfall in three days or your money back!

At Rangoli Ayurved, we have researched about Hair fall and Hair re-growth for over 10 years and finally launched the Hair Fall Treatment  program in 2012. Ever since then we have helped over 200 thousand men and women in India, save themselves from balding and get back their, strong and healthy hair again. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Here is What People Just Like You Have To Say About Our Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment:

After my Typhoid, I was loosing hair like anything. Whenever I would comb or brush my hair, it would come off in a bunch. But, after getting your treatment my hairfall has stopped. Amazing products and aftersales service.

Albert Harjo, Udaipur

Why Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment is The Last Treatment  Program you will ever need!

Simple and Efficient treatment program will help you..

  • Regain the ability to grow long, strong and silky hair…
  • Reduce hair follicle swelling, split ends and dull hair from first applicaiton
  • Makes your scalp healthy and free from dandruff…
  • Even helps cure any kind of Fungal Infection in scalp, if present..
  • Is the ultimate food, your Hair will ever need..
… and more benefits if you keep reading…

Stops hairfall in 3 days. And I was hell bent on claiming the money back guarantee, but dint get a chance. 🙂Shocked!

Kalpana Prabhakar, Pilani

Our Hairfall treatment program is affordable and effective and is backed by our selfless support. Most of our clients are surprised at the amount of money they save due to our inexpensive treatment.

We have a 14 hour Public Helpline Assistance Service, along with on demand Private Support Agents who will guide you throughout your treatment process till you are completely cured.

The Secret Sauce Of Hair Fall Regrowth and Baldness  Prevention From The Core of Indian Ayurved

It doesnt matter how you are loosing your hair. You might be losing hair at the crown of your head, your hair might be receeding from your forehead, or your hair could be thinning all over. It doesnt even matter if everyone in your family is balding, fact is that if you want.. you can stop your hair fall and regrow your lost hair with our Ayurvedic Hairfall Treatment.

Our solutions are 100% backed by the science of Ayurveda and have zero side effects. People across all agegroups can use our products, without having to fear  the consequences of excessive consumption of conventioal medicines which never work.

Don’t suffer in silence, take action today! If you suffer from Hair Fall Problem or know someone who is constantly lossing a lot of hair, or is suffering from any kind of hair or scalp fungal infection, reach out to us and help stop the suffering.

I hope to hear your success story very soon.

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