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customer of rangoli ayurved
Charu Nagar, Hyderabad

I can’t really recall when I started suffering from RA (rheumatoid arthritis), but it must have been around the time I was 49. The ailment would show up for a few days, before disappearing for years. Even though I exercised every day, the pain started showing up and lasting longer as I grew up. Every doctor that I have consulted so far has let me down. My condition has only worsened over the past few years and it has been a long time since I was able to move my arms in every direction. A friend recently introduced me to Pawan Ji, who has since then been a friend, philosopher, guide to me. After carefully listening to my story, he advised me to take Rangoli Jeevan Sudha daily. He also prescribed Rangoli Herbal Body Oil and Roop Corni Care cream. I have been following his instructions for almost 2 months now and the pain is almost non-existent.

customer of rangoli ayurved
Virar, Gangtok

Rangoli Ayurved has been a savior for me. It helped me get out of the maddening psoriasis problem and the most depressing stage of my life. I came across your products from High News and I was impressed by your pre-sales customer service. I felt that your company had more to offer and I am glad I took this decision. I have recovered from my Psoriasis problem and I will recommend your products to everyone who is facing this disease

customer of rangoli ayurved
Dadar, Guwahati

I have yet to use your other products, but the Rangoli Herbal Facewash is really good. I have sensitive skin and most products cause irritation and rashes, but the Herbal Facewash leaves my skin soft and moisturized. It works great as an exfoliating agent as well, I do not think I need anything else.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
Kormangala, Darjeeling

Both my arms were in a terrible state. I felt socially awkward and embarrassed all the time. I had already tried a lot of supplements and products for Psoriasis treatment, but nothing had even shown any slight improvement. Rangoli Jeevan Sudha and Mecheda Special and Roop Sagar Normal Cream combo is just out of the world. My itching stopped in like a few days itself and I recovered from the entire disease in around 25 days. Wow! You gave me my life back.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
Yerwada, Vishakhapattanam

When I was first diagnosed with GERD, the doctor had mentioned clearly that despite all the medication, I would have to learn to live with it. The horrible hurtburn was sometimes too much to bear. That is when a friend recommended Rangoli’s GERD treatment. I had a talk with Pawan ji who instructed me to include Jeeva Sudha into my diet. I could feel the burning sensation disappear within a few hours and the chest pain started subsiding within a few days. I highly recommend Rangoli Jeevan Sudha.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries

Got rid of the stretch marks after my Pregnancy without a hitch. I had used a few other products with no results, but I am glad that I saw your program on Taaza TV.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
Yerwada, Dehra Dun

Your products are a miracle. I just started using the products and next day my pain and bleeding almost vanished. You guys are doing a great favor to the community by helping people get rid of this embarrassing problem. My doctor had suggested me that surgery is the only way to deal with this problem. But I was reluctant. Despite the fact that I did not opt for the operation and it’s only been 5 days since I am using your products. I am seeing great recovery and this time. It feels as if it is not going to come back again. I am loving it.

customer of rangoli ayurved
Esha Nagar, Bengaluru

Blessings from my Grandfather. May god bless your company. He has been relieved from his 9-year-old arthritis problem by simply following the diet your people specified and by using your products.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
Ajinkya Chowk, Nagpur

I have been using your products since 4 years and I feel wonderful. I cannot explain the difference in my well-being, with something so simple as maintaining a health-tonic like Jeevan Sudha.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
BijoyPur, Ludhiana

Thanks to Rangoli Roop Sagar Sensitive Cream, I finally found a solution that helps my skin be soft and irritation free.

customer of rangoli ayurved
Ananyagarh, Bikaner

I must confess that my financials are not my strong point, especially since I'm the sole earning member of my family. Your health tonic and pigmentation cream have helped me save thousands of rupees that I would have otherwise invested in medical treatment to cure my Psoriasis problem.

customers of rangoli ayurved
Hemagunj, Agra

I used to suffer from acid reflux for more than a decade. The problem intensified after a heavy meal and at night, after dinner. Sometimes the pain got so out of control that I had to take painkillers to be able to sleep at night. I had consulted multiple doctors and tried out almost all the known tricks in the book, including prescribed medicines. However, nothing worked. I chanced upon Rangoli Ayurved’s GERD treatment program one day while surfing through the TV channels and decided to give it a try. To be honest, it felt like a godsend solution to my sufferings. The pain started subsiding within 24 hours of starting the treatment, and I haven’t looked at any other health product since! If you suffer from Acid Reflux and are looking for a permanent cure in vain, I’d suggest you call up Rangoli today!

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
Komal Nagar, Nagpur

My symptoms were extremely sudden. I woke up one morning with an extremely painful shoulder. The pain lasted 2 whole days and I was almost left in tears. I did not consult a doctor thinking that I must have sprained the shoulder in my sleep. Two weeks later the pain returned. This time it was my ankle. Then a week later, it was my wrist. It was then that I decided to consult the doctor. I was looking for a specialist when I came to know of Rangoli Ayurved from a colleague. She was all praises about how Rangoli cured her mother’s migraine attacks. I called up the helpline and stated my problem and the person at the other end was extremely well-mannered and helpful. She immediately asked me to follow the Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatment program and the results started to show within a few days. Even though the pain didn’t disappear at once, it was improving and I could feel it. I will stick to Rangoli for life.

Client of Rangoli Ayurved Industries
Cyber City, Hyderabad

Hi Rangoli Ayurved, thank you for the priceless products. I have been a victim of the pharmaceutical game. I tried so many creams and ointments and I was suffering from 2 whole years with this problem. But, with your cream and tonic, my haemorrhoids pain diminished in a few days and I am totally cured from it in a month. I am still using your tonic because its keeping me fit.
I am going to share your products with my friends and family members who might be facing the same problem as me. Thank you once again for the beautiful cure and great work your company is doing. I could have never guessed that treating my haemorrhoids problem was so easy.

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