Dandruff Treatment Package

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This is the package for the treatment of Oily Dandruff, Dry Dandruff, Oily Scalp or Dry Scalp.

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17 reviews for Dandruff Treatment Package

  1. Neha Nigam

    i use it and i notice good result right away thank you

  2. arati sahu

    nice product very ok

  3. Rupam Mukherjee

    i liked the package full of products that helped me with my hair

  4. Sura Chhaya

    excellent condition of package

  5. ghan shyam

    nice products really work, my rating 5

  6. Mukti Sengupta

    very nice products

  7. Vohra Nandini

    good products go for it

  8. Bhakar

    delivery so late but products were awesome

  9. Shanti Mahajan


  10. Dhanush Raman

    happy with products 🙂

  11. Sharma Ajinkya

    herbal karishma by rangoli is so WOW!!!

  12. nishita

    It’s really working very well dandruff finished after 1st wash

  13. Upadhyay Marlo

    nice products ..I love it

  14. Astha Anne

    great package

  15. Tivra

    Good anti-dandruff shampoo, helped me in reducing dandruff.

  16. Paramitha Chitanis

    Packages r good but delivery was slow

  17. Vishnu Adwani

    Amazing product, you can feel the difference from the very first use.

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