Dark circle / under eye SKIN PACKAGE

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Facewash (100 ml), Roop Sagar Sensitive Cream (40 gms), Roop Sagar Normal Cream (40 gms), Face Moisturizer (40 gms), Face Pack (25 gms), Jeevan Sudha Special 250 (gms)

Rangoli Herbal Face Wash acts as a powerful 3-in-1 cleaner, moisturizer and face scrubber for carrying out excellent skin deep-cleaning. Full of natural goodness of selective herbs, this organic ayurvedic product is the one-step solution to thoroughly cleanse your skin, scrubbing out facial impurities and unclogging your skin pores.
Composed of essential herbs that are hard to find, Rangoli Roop Sagar Sensitive Cream is exclusively crafted for those with sensitive and oily skin which is prone to pimples and rashes. This ayurvedic facial cream when applied will not only help to heal rashes and pimples but also make your skin wrinkle-free and bright. You can use this Ayurvedic skincare product to keep your skin healthy, clear and flawless.
Composed with an amalgamation of rare herbs, Rangoli Roop Sagar Cream is exclusively made for those with normal and dry skin that tends to become wrinkly and withered. Application of this ayurvedic body cream will not only keep your skin wrinkle-free but also enhance your complexion and brighten your skin tone. This Ayurvedic antiseptic cream is a safe and trusted choice for healing your skin and keeping it rejuvenated and glassy.
Rangoli Face Moisturizer is the ultimate ayurvedic skin protection product that protects your skin from harmful sun’s rays and heat in the kitchen while elevating your skin’s beauty.This is India’s first low-sweat herbal face moisturizer that keeps your skin super-soft and glowing in all sorts of dry conditions. Made with a combination of unique herbs, Rangoli Herbal Face Pack is the one-stop solution to achieving a soft and radiant skin as it effectively unclogs pores and peels away facial marks. This ayurvedic face pack is composed of anti-ageing properties to tighten your skin and improve your complexion. Using this Ayur organic face pack is the safest way to retain your skin’s beauty and glow.
Rangoli Ayurved brings to the market the revolutionary herbal health tonic, Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Special for holistic health care. This pure and natural ayurvedic healthcare product is specifically formulated to offer curative action against a wide range of illnesses, including acidity, constipation, liver problem, breathing problem, oral infections and body pain.

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