Due to the excess or low secretion of melanin, your skin is prone to change its color. This condition leads to skin pigmentation. Ayurveda suggests you try natural and home pigmentation treatment that does not have any side effects. Here are few tips to prevent external and internal pigmentation.

  • Stay away from sunlight. Yes, sunlight produces UV rays that are harmful to skin especially between 9 AM to 4 PM.
  • If you have to work in the sun, it is advisable to apply sunscreen every three hours.
  • Protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Wear good quality coolers and wear a hat to avoid exposure to the sun.
  • Concentrate on your clothing especially if you are going out in the sun. Wear cotton clothes that are light and comfortable.
  • Drinking water at regular intervals is the best pigmentation treatment. Keep your skin hydrated all time and save your skin from pigmentation.
  • Quit smoking as it causes skin pigmentation
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food, follow a proper daily routine, do your exercise and sleep well.
  • Wash your face two to three times a day to get rid of the excess oil secretion
  • Use oil to cleanse your skin once in a week
  • Natural exfoliators like oatmeal, lemon juice, walnut are the best pigmentation treatment. Apply them on your skin to reduce blemishes and pigmentation

Home remedies that work as an effective pigmentation treatment


Cut the lemon into two halves and rub them directly on the affected skin. It may cause mild irritation. If you are not comfortable, you can dilute the lemon juice with water and rub it on your face with cotton.

Tomato juice, turmeric powder, Aloe vera, mint leaves and many other natural ingredients help in pigmentation treatment. Get the advice from the Ayurveda expert and treat your skin discoloration.

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