Most of the guava trees present in India and enjoyed by the masses originated from two cultivars in Allahabad and Lucknow in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

Everyone knows the guava tree for its delicious fruit, the guava, which comes rich in an assortment of essential mineral nutrients including vitamin C(three times the daily requirement), lycopene, potassium, fibre and vitamin A. But there’s more to the guava tree than just the fruit.

The health benefits associated with guava leaves:

Hair Growth and Treatment

Guava leaves are wholesomely rich in the vitamin B complex, which includes Vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 12, making them effective at treating hair loss and spurring hair growth. Follow the recipe below to use them on your hair and scalp.

  1. Collect a handful of guava leaves and boil them in a quart of water. After 20 minutes, remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool down.
  2. Remove the leaves from the mixture
  3. Apply the guava leaf solution into your hair and scalp, massaging it into the scalp for more effect.
  4. Leave it on for 2 hours and then wash it off. You can do this regularly for more results.

 Weight Loss and Diabetes

Guava leaves are rich in fiber, which in addition to their ability to control the conversion process of complex carbohydrates to sugar, makes them a great remedy for blood sugar control and diabetes treatment. Drinking the tea from guava leaves also gives a satisfying effect, which is helpful for weight loss.

Cholesterol Control

Guavas also have a positive effect on cholesterol. Research done on a guava leaf extract and published in the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research showed that the plant directly reduces fat and bad cholesterol in your body while increasing high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol).

Digestive Ailment Treatment

In addition to treating diarrhea, food poisoning and other forms of stomach ailments, the guava leaf is effective against stomach cancer. Its extract was found to trigger apoptosis in stomach cancer cells, enabling healing.

Cancer Treatment

Research shows that various phytochemicals including lycopene are effective in helping the body combat different forms of cancer. Guava leaves are rich in lycopene, which works by blocking the multiple signaling cascades linked to tumorigenesis.

Male Fertility

Guava leaf extract is good for male fertility too. A study carried out on rats in Nigeria found that guava leaf extract increases the male fertility of rats without causing serious toxic side effects.

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Allergy Control

The guava leaf extract contains an antihistamine in the form of the flavonoid antioxidant quercetin that gives the guava its yellow pigment. Quercetin is effective in improving allergic response and relieving the pain from insect bites.

Respiratory tract ailment

For victims of a cough, asthma and other chronic respiratory ailments, guava leaves are the perfect medicine, thanks to their quercetin antioxidant composition.

Dengue fever

The guava leaf extract has also been shown to be useful in the treatment of dengue fever, an ailment caused and spread by mosquitoes in tropical areas.

Mouth health

For its bitter taste, guava leaf extract still has great antibacterial properties that are useful in promoting oral health. That includes relieving of toothaches and calming of inflamed gums.


The antioxidants in guava leaves are also great remedies for various ailments, including blackheads. Considering its antibacterial properties, the guava leaf is a force to reckon with when it comes to treatment of common skin ailments. To use a facial scrub, crush some guava leaves in water to create a paste that you can use.

Wounds and tears

When crushed, guava leaves are perfect remedies for cuts, wounds, and scrapes on the body, thanks to their microbial properties and antibacterial abilities.

Just for fun

“The alcoholic extract of Pisidium guajava (guava) leaves was found to act as a good corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M phosphoric acid medium. A maximum inhibition efficiency of 89% was found for an inhibitor concentration of 800ppm in the weight loss studies for 1 hr immersion time.”


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