Yoga is considered to be an effective anal Fistula treatment. Here are the different types of yoga which are helpful for curing fistula:

Yoga breathing

Yoga breathing is really effective if you are looking for the treatments of anal fistula. To accomplish this exercise, you require raising both the hands and bringing down with exhalation. You need to do this for a time period of 5 minutes, take rest for some time and again continue the procedure for some time. This type of breathing is beneficial for the stimulation of bowel action.

Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing is really effective for anal fistula treatment. This exercise is considered to be crucial in enhancing the circulation of blood, strengthening the abdominal muscles and reduction of constipation. It is counted to be an effective treatment for piles.

Uddiyan in savasana

Uddiyan in savasana is recognized to be a worth mentioning name when it comes to the treatment of anal fistula. To perform this exercise, you require lying down after which you need to bend the legs. You should be breathing in and pushing the abdomen out. You should now breath out and thereby pull the abdomen in. You should repeat the same for a time span of 10 minutes after which you should take rest by doing savasana. This treatment is effective in order to make bowel movement much easy. This exercise is also helpful for strengthening the abdominal muscles. If you are suffering from anal fistula, practising this exercise on a regular basis is sure to confer you amazing relief. pada Utthanpadasana

Ekpada Utthanpadasana is another effective anal fistula treatment. For performing this exercise, you should be raising the right legs after which you should be pulling the food in the inside direction. Start counting till 10 after which lower down the leg. You need to do with the left leg in a similar way. This exercise is also helpful for the reduction of fat and clearing constipation along with the treatment of anal fistula.

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