If you are suffering from anal fistula, here are few tips for Fistula Treatment in order to prevent the same:

Consume fiber in an adequate amount

In case you are suffering from anal fistula, you should make sure to include fiber in an adequate amount in the diet. You should ensure to include vegetables and fruits in the diet as they help in the prevention of constipation. It is recommended to include 20 to 35 grams of fiber in the diet on a daily basis. Some of the prerequisite sources of fiber are inclusive of citrus fruits, wheat bran, oat bran, etc.

Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is considered to be an integral part of fistula treatment. You should make sure to drink an adequate amount of liquid in the diet as they aid in passing stools at ease and making stools softer. You should ensure to drink more water during warm weather as you will become more physically active. However, every drink is not ideal in order to stay hydrated. Too much alcohol may lead to dehydration. You should make sure to avoid caffeine drinks as too many caffeinated drinks may lead to dehydration.


It is said that lack of exercises is an integral cause for anal fistula. Hence, it is necessary to include exercises as a part of the daily routine during Fistula Treatment. You should make sure to exercise for a time span of 30 minutes for keeping the digestive system moving and in better shape.

Do not ignore your urge for bowel movement

If your body is telling that you need to go for bowel movements, make sure not to put it off for later. You should ensure not to wait for too often or too long as this may lead to weakening the signals. If you hold it for a longer time, it gets harder and dryer, thereby making it difficult to pass.

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