Personalized Support from the first day of your treatment till the day you get completely cured, and beyond.

At Rangoli Ayurved

Our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless and exclusive experience. Our Public Helpline Facilities are open to all our clients from 8 A.M in the Morning Till 10 P.M at Night, Indian Standard Time, however you may choose to get a Dedicated Private Support Agent for your treatment.

All our Personal Support Agents respond accurately and promptly, and are knowledgeable about all our products, treatment practices, services and processes.

Each Support Agent goes through a rigorous introductory training with the Department Managers so they are well aware of how to deal with the most acute problems and they are constantly being updated and guided by Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwala himself.

Get A Personal Assistant

Never forget to Follow Your Treatment Process Again.

Get Support

Never forget to Follow Your Treatment Process Again.

Get Support

Benefits of Personal Support Agent

You will have a regular and consistent contact, even when they are out of the office.

Our effort starts when you choose to trust us, and we strive to exceed every expectation and live up to our Quality Policy.

Get A Personal Support Agent

Direct Contact

Nothing better than having a personal contact available to respond to all your requirements whenever you need. You will receive the personal Number of the PSA along with Email.

Personalized Care

Get the complete guidance and care that you need during your treatment process and not have to worry about missing your routine.

Diet and Treatment Monitoring

Your PSA will personally guide you on the application process, necessary diet, things to avoid eating and intervals of application so you can rest assured for a speedy recovery.

Reminders for Busy People

Forgetting to follow the treatment process, or skipping the process unintentionally wont do any good. Your PSA will remind you to follow your treatment when requested, ensuring the fastest recovery possible.

Talk / Chat / Email

The peace of mind to speak over the phone, chat on Whats-app or Email your Personal Support Agent whenever you want, without having to wait in line or take an appointment.

Speedy Assistance

Get High Priority and Speedy Assistance in case of Emergencies, and have access to the best professional guidance when things feel out of place.

Special Shipping Requests

During the course of your treatment, the Support Agent will keep a watch on your treatment products, and will facilitate to have them replenished before time, if needed.
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