Troubles like dandruff can take a devastating toll on the health of your hair. Hence, it is important to look for the effective Dandruff treatment techniques. Do you know that a few common kitchen items can offer a root-cause and permanent solution to these troubles. Here are a few items that you can pick.

Coconut Oil

Research suggests that coconut oil is a rich source of various nutrients that are necessary for the good health of the hair. In addition, coconut oil can hydrate the skin as well as reduce inflammation of the scalp skin that can solve the troubles like dandruff. Hence, experts suggest that you should apply massage with coconut oil on your hair on a regular basis and you will be impressed with the result.

Lemon extract and Aloe Vera juice

The extracts of Lemon and Aloe Vera comes as a blessing to hair health. These juices can hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, conditions hair as well as acts as natural astringents to produce 100% elimination of the dead cells from the surface of the scalp. You can use these extracts independently  or in combination that will produce solutions to various issues with the hair.


Homemade Curd packs are considered one of the most effective dandruff treatment as it can produce 100% solution to these troubles. You need to form a paste with curd and water and apply it to the hair. Once the pack dries completely, you will rinse off the hair with clean water. Apply this remedy for a few days to get the most delightful results.

The techniques of dandruff treatment suggested above are simple yet effective and as it involves natural items, comes completely safe for your hair. Applying these remedial measures regularly, you can prevent hair problems and get a gust of healthy and lively hair.

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