I have helped over 222371 people with

PsoriasisArthritisPilesfissureFistulaPigmentationPimplesAcidityHair FallDandruffMigraine

I want to help someone to get cured and be able to enjoy to the fullest againWill you be next?

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Check out what a few of my clients had to say about me…

“Thanks Mr. Pawan Agarwal for making the cure so affordable to this pathetic disease. The personal support assistant assigned by you made sure i never forgot to follow my treatment process. Hats off to the support. ”

Sanyog Kabra

“Thank you. My skin is much better than and my hair fall is too now minimal. Next would be a potion or lotion for weight loss. I am into moderate freehand excercising though!”

Ro A H

I Get Over 60 Requests Everyday

Here’s How I Deal With Them…

I Read All My Emails

With over a 100 Emails piling my inbox everyday, I take time out to read and reply yo all emails personally. But, sometimes when I am unable to reply I have my assistants reach out immediately.

Offer A Personalised Guidance

I give clear and concise guidelines to my clients over email, have a conversation over phone and delegate a convenient time for a live consultation over Skype if required.

Ayurvedic Treatment Requests by State

9 out of my 10 Clients Get Consulted online or via phone and get their complete treatment without leaving the comfort of your home. I take time out to meet some clients personally if they happen to be in Kolkata. I receive requests from all over India like, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, West Bengal 73% and rest of the states 27%.

Want To Be On My Good Side?

Be Concise.

After you select Skype/ Phone Consultation and fill the form you will be taken to the Private Consultation Checkout Page after you hit the Proceed To Cart Button. You can then add the Private Consultation to your shopping cart and pay a nominal fee of 2000 INR 200 INR (for a limited time) via a Debit or Credit Card. 

You might be required to fill in necessary details during the checkout process as well. I will get in touch with you via phone / email to schedule the time and date of your consultation and we will take it from there.

For those who have selected General Enquiry or Seeking Free Advice, I try to respond to all enquiries personally, however in most cases you can expect a reply from an associate customer agent within 48-72 Hours.

Your’s Faithfully,

Pawan Kr. Agarwala

Founder and CEO, Rangoli Ayurved Ind. 

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