It is possible to control and reduce acidity in an effective manner with the aid of dietary changes and yoga techniques. There are several yoga asanas that play an indispensable role in order to balance the functions of the digestive system. It is believed that a wide number of diseases are caused owing to the negligence in what we are eating, how we are eating and in what amount we are eating. Acidity, also known as indigestion, happens to be one of the most common ailments which affect us. Excessive secretion of gastric juices can be harmful as they damage the stomach lining, resulting in peptic ulcers and gastric.

As you go for yoga exercises, you are sure to procure relief during acidity. Yoga exercises are also helpful for the promotion of better digestion. With the aid of dietary changes and yoga techniques, it is possible to eliminate as well as control acidity. The functioning of the digestive system is also balanced by practicing yoga. Stress is another cause for indigestion or acidity.

Role of Vajrasana in Acidity Treatment

Vajrasana plays an integral role in Acidity treatment. As you perform this asana post meal on an immediate basis, the flow of blood to the intestines and stomach is enhanced, thereby leading to an improvement in the process of digestion. By practicing this asana on a regular basis, it is possible to clean the entire digestive system. You can make a habit of sitting in vajarasana for a time period of 10 to 15 minutes post to taking meals. This asana is also helpful in the improvement of better digestion.

Steps for the purpose

You require kneeling down on the yoga mat to start this Acidity Treatment and allow the upper surface of feet to touch the mat. The heel requires pointing in the upward direction. You should be sitting in a gentle way with the buttocks on the heels. You should be placing both the palms on the knees. You need to take few deeper breaths after closing the eyes.

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